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Well. It’s been a while. We’ve been working on lots of redm server ideas and scripts for months, but still in burn out.

Project: Rebecca’s Manuscript and Todd and the Fae ** Author Blog **

I’m working on my books again, not part of NaNoWriMo. Just trying to finish it. Signed up for a Ream account after hearing Sarrah Cannon talking about how it works. It was easy to set up. I’m cleaning up the books I’ve written finishing the Chapters and Scenes and publishing them in advance on Ream ( Then once I get 6 months of posts ahead I’ll turn it on. My last minute goal is to start publishing 1 scene a week starting this Jan. Thought it would be a nice way to start the year.

Project: Todd and the Fae a web comic ** Artist Blog **

I’ve expanded back into art as an activity. I have Todd and the Fae rough drafted, Rebecca’s manuscript in modern time is finished but I decided to rewrite it to be 1920’s setting, so that’s almost done. I’ve written 2 other books that I’m going to rewrite to be 1920’s and fit in with the other two books which will work as there similar style and themes.Todd and the fae is also going to be a web comic which I’m drawing myself, which brings be back to the adding art back into my art consistently. So that’s the update.

I spent today working on story boarding the first chapter. Slowly making progress. I’m hoping that I will have the first static pages, for chapter 1 drawn and released on kidshideawy for free. I’m exploring different wordpress plugins for publishing my own web comic on my site. I’m also setting it up to publish the animated verison of the episodes on patreon ( as a video.

So example of today’s work. I’m learning how to use an ipad and clip studio paint to draw the comic. I’m following along with this tutorial and learning more about Clip Studio Paint. YouTube Tutorial — Making Manga FULL BREAKDOWN in Clip Studio Paint

cleveland 1920 skyline rough draft
cleveland 1920 skyline rough draft, I used the below reference, and removed the bulidings that didn’t exist yet. Then checked the reference materials for building heights at the time, and brough the rest of the buildings down to the range that was average for the time. Terminal Tower was the largest building at that time frame and was the tallest by over 300ft.
This is the orignal reference I’m using, it’s a skyline view of modern day cleveland from Lake Erie.

What classes are you taking?

Manga Comics for Beginners: From Concept to Creation A course by Natalia Batista , Manga Artist and illustrator (Domestika Affiliate Link)

Script Writing for Comics: Explore Visual Storytelling A course by Fred Van Lente , Writer (Domestika Affiliate Link)

Introduction to Storyboarding A course by Laura Ewing Ferrer , Character Designer and Storyboarder (Domestika Affiliate Link)

Offer valid at the time of the blog post, I know cause I purchased a new class today. Click the image to go to Domestika.(Affiliate Link)

What books are you using for learning to draw manga? (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Any other books? (Amazon Affiliate Links)

That’s the update for today. Learning lots of new things, and finishing lots of older projects. Oh and I spent the last 5 days updating ClickUp ( it’s similar to notion, but designed for software developers mostly. Highly adaptable, and easy to setup, so I’m using it for all of our business projects starting now and through next year.

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