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I wrote 3 books out of 5 of a series. They are in various states of editing hell, and books 4 and 5 are in various states of outlined, and rough draft depending on the chapter. It’s a cozy fantasy mystery series based in 1920 Cleveland, but with the twist that in 1820 magic was revealed to be real, as are mythical creatures. The books try to show how that would have altered the world while having a good adventure. Books 4 and 5 and probably 6 are based in 2020 Cleveland with the progression continuing. If I’m still having fun with it I might try to write 3 more in 2120 Cleveland, though I may do a post apocalypse style with a look at how the middle east, and Ukraine are being destroyed right now.

Any way this year my loose goals is to force my brain to edit and publish book 1, and end the cycle of rewrites that I’ve been stuck in for the last 10 years. So I’m going to publish one chapter at a time as a serial on my author website, and to publish each chapter as a webcomic on my artist site.

I’m aiming to post daily updates on my blog about the webcomic progress. The posts are for me so I can look back and see positive progress.

I’ll be doing the same on my author site.
Serial is here:
Author blog is here:

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