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Well it’s been a fun weekend. Computer blew a connection. No stress, tension or power surges. And a port shorted out. It’s unplugged pending a cleaning and closer examination of it’s guts to determine how bad the short was. I’m stuck with my older tablet laptop, a fijitsu. It can do basically one thing at a time, and more than that makes it unusable, even with Ubunutu running minimum resources. Can’t run any games, so no streaming, and no testing resources. Can’t record video at all so no course work. So I’m focused on doing the HB90 planing, brainstorming new projects for next year, and fleshing out old projects more for the new year. Also can’t run Scivener on this thing anymore, cause the linux version doesn’t match the newer version and can’t read the newer files, so I’m not able to work on the books. I can do art on the ipad so working on the webtoon where I can but the files for the story line are in scrivener so I’m stuck there to. Working on the character sketch.

On the upside the replacement powersupply has arrived and MK is going to try and clean and rebuild it tonight so I might, maybe, be up and running tomorrow. Three days is already to many. That’s my update for now.

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