Class Review: R.L. Stine – Y.A. Writing

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R.L Stine teachers writing for young audiences has been an excellent class. R.L. Stine is one of the favorite authors for my brothers when they were kids, and was one of the authors that got them to read. I find that fascinating. I’m still working through the class, so this article right now is mostly my notes, rather than a coherent article. I’ll come back and rewrite the review when I’ve finished the class.

A few Highlights or take aways from the class.


This is my first time going through the class, so it may take a few iterations before I’ve learned what I can from the content. I’m a game designer and writer, so I take these classes looking for how the information applies for writing educational games for children as much as how to tell a story that draws them into the game and play. Thanks for your patience.

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