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This class was amazing. I purchased this class before the yearly subscription service was available and absolutely loved it. I discovered that I really enjoyed the format and the teacher. Will Wright is one of my favorite game creators. His simulation games are some of the favorites even as an adult gamer. I have been playing around with creating small educational games for years, for fun, and to help my child when she was stuck on specific reading skills. I think they helped her get the practice she needed to overcome the reading struggles in the end. Watching this class helped me realize that I could rewrite those games with a focus on fun, and release them for other children to play.

This class went over a lot of different topics, with a heavy focus on the need to prototype a game system to test for fun, quick and cheaply. He touches on iterative design, project management, and so many other topics. His case studies involve indie designers in a workshop type environment, and one on one reviews of their game design and ideas, which are excellently done.

I enjoyed the class and I learned a tremendous amount.

A few Highlights or take aways from the class.


— in progress. I’m reviewing this again and writing out my notes here this time, so this article will expand each time I rewatch it going forward.

**** I will note here that all the other classes while useful for learning to write my first novel, are also outstanding resources for writing your first indie games. There are classes about making digital music, and writing storylines, and dialogue. How to pace a story which is useful for creating game storylines and for pacing your enemies, challenges, and bosses. Master Class writers section is fantastic for game developers.

My original review on Master Class:
I’m going to University for Game Design and Programming and trying to get started on my own with small android games. I loved this class. I’m working my way through the pdf’s still but found the information helpful, clear, and concise. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge!

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