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Well, I’ve rejoined the ranks of older generations trying to finish their University degrees. At least I’m not alone.

“Students over age 35, who accounted for 17 percent of all college and graduate students in 2009, are expected to comprise 19 percent of that total by 2020.”

“Back to School: Older Students on the Rise in College Classrooms.”, NBCUniversal News Group, 28 Aug. 2014,

This site was always supposed to be my game development site. So now that I’m enrolled in a game development degree program, I’ll post the game development examples and projects here. The art side of the degree will go on my art site over here

The degree I decided on is “Game Development and Programming” and the university degree program description is located here. Click Here I chose Southern New Hampshire University and their online program, they have some of the lowest per credit classes for undergraduate classes, 8 week class sessions (they do not drag on too long), two classes are considered full time, and the student reviews appear to genuinely like the University, Professors, and coursework. The school functions on a project based hands-on system, so you are learning skills you need for the degree, and for your future job. You are using industry standard software which is either reduced for students or zero depending on the software company.

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