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Description from school site:

This course aims to expand upon students’ understanding, experience, and critical thinking skills, connecting the roles of the individual at the local, national, and global levels. Students will be analyzing global issues that affect different aspects of identity – individual, national, and global – through the lenses of economics, political science, technology, and business, among other disciplines. Increased global awareness, an important knowledgebase for the 21st Century individual, is emphasized to prepare students for personal and professional relationships with individuals, groups, and organizations that present themselves through a global network. Analyzing the challenges of shifting from local to global, researching the relationship of technology and society, and understanding the importance of the individual in relation to a global society will be emphasized.

This course is one of the few non programming focused course I have to take to finish my degree. This course was not easy by any means. While the other 3 course were not easy the amount of time needed to complete the reading, papers, discussions, and weekly projects hovered between 20 and 30 hours a week per class. This course took roughtly 60 hours a week. I learned alot and I did well in the class but it took a lot of dedication and persistance to do it.

Final Grade: A

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