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HB90 Day three. Time! What time do you have? How much time do you lose to Chronic illnesses, family emergencies, family time, chores, bills, grocery shopping, etc….

Waiting on computer parts. Some parts came, but still waiting on a few. The power supply came, but the fans won’t be here till tomorrow at the earliest.

Working on the new web server, goal is to have all the sites moved by Jan 1st, and to have the new ones setup. Registered the new domains. Started the web server setup, directories made, etc. Updated the zone files to point to the new server. Lots of work to then go through and separate out the content from the original sites to there new divisions.

Spent the day looking at planners and trying to identify what I will actually use. I need to keep the projects in paper planners, and each project group needs to be separate. clickup is ok, but I don’t connect with the digital organization the same way as the paper planners do. Paper planners I can use them successfully for 3 months before I have to reset a bit. The click up is a struggle even in the first two weeks. I suspect I’ll need a combination of the two, which I tried in quarter 2 and 3 of last year with some success before I got sick again.

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