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HB90 Day four Goals! vs projects and tasks ….

Computer parts came, and testing shows the board is not compatible with the video card. MK is working on it. One of the boards didn’t get updated to win 10 from win 8 when it was free so it’s regulated to a Linux machine now. Need 10 for the game engines and compilers. Mk is trying a different configuration and rebuild and testing electronics that blew on the board for damage,

Working on the new web server, ran into some permissions issues, I double checked with the faqs on Apache to see what I forgot, and the word press install instructions. I’ll try again next week.

Picked out planners this week and ordered them. Went with teacher planners so I can do a more gantt style plan and task lists. Also using ClickUp so we will see how it goes. At the stage of hb90 where I reconcile the amount of time I actually have against the projects I want to do. It’s a depressingly low number of hours (40 hrs a week) vs health issues (20 hrs a week).

No progress on the art projects, the scrivener file and install is on the other computer and I didn’t transcribe it into good notes before the computer fried.

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