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HB90 Day five Brain storm projects, and estimate time for tasks in clickup.

Computer update: Computer is still in pieces, no updates.

Author update: Spent the previous week working on HB90 and cleaning the office. Going to move my desk soon. Taking longer than I expected.

Artist update: My book files are on the other computer. I do have an older backup, so I’m just going to start over with those, and use google docs so I can access the files easily when the computer is repaired. I don’t want to put off moving forward with the project.

Gamer update: No update. No coding this week that’s testable. Played Hogwarts Legacy for a while.

HB90 updates made progress on the quarterly setup, and then did this week and Sun and Mon daily setup.
Power outage tonight so lost an 1.5 hrs of productivity.

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