Week 1 – Jan 6 2024

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Personal Updates:

Been a busy week. We are working on parsing the sites into separate topics which will help people find us and locate relevant topics. Also working on moving everything to new servers. Mysql was being a pain this week, but I have a solution I’m working on. Worked on discord servers too so next week we will have those posted with the new sites. This project will probably take all of Jan to complete.

Dragon (me) still does not have access to my normal working computer. So no real progress on anything game dev. It’s frustrating but at the same time my brain needed the break, so it equalizes out. MK is diligently working on the fixing the computers and servers so should have updates next week.

Spent most of the week adapting to some new habit tracking and health tracking. One of my goals for this year is to improve my health. Starting with understanding how I’m feeling more long term rather than in the moment. I have this sense that I’m sick all the time, and have hi pain levels all the time. So I’m doing some tracking morning, afternoon, and evening to get a better idea of how I’m feeling. I’m hoping there are more good hours than bad, and I’m just not realizing it because of the overwhelm. So we will see. Should have a pretty good idea of how things are going by the end of Jan.

Author Updates:

Since I don’t have access to the work on TATF I took my notes and rewrote it. Should be pretty similar but the details might be a little different. Chapter 1, Scene one is roughed out, and has one edit. Working on the dialogue and movement cues today. Tomorrow will be spelling and punctuation. My goal is about 1000 words per scene and 64 scenes per book. I have an outline and rough draft for scenes 2 and 3. I have research notes for scene 4. It’s a little strange starting over but I don’t want to wait to publish, one of my goals this year is similar to the Struthless Alphabet Super Set Challenge. I want to make and publish a chapter each week. Then once I have a couple scenes done, I’m going to start making and publishing the web comic as my artist project this year. So I’m on track, a little behind, but since I’m fighting this poor old laptop to do even the basic things it’s not surprising. The more I work on the projects the less resistance I have to get into it when I start. So I’m improving over the internal fight I was having with myself last year.

Artist Update:

Book is progressing but I did not do any art this week.

Game Programmer Update:

Not much. Helped some server owners fix there scripts and fix their servers. No programming this week.

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