Week 2 – Jan 13 2024 Blog

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Personal Updates:

We were out of the office most of the week. Made some progress on mysql and then ran into more issues. Will revisit that next week. All the website work is waiting for the mysql update that needs to be done.

Dragon (me) still does not have access to my normal working computer. MK is diligently working on the fixing the computers and servers so should have updates next week. Yes progress is being made, not I do not have working machine yet.

Continued tracking meals, health issues, and energy levels as well as reactions to my meds. Dr apt this week went well. Waiting for blood test results etc. 

Author Updates:

Despite being out of the office I did manage to put about 4 hours writing time into the book this week. Added about 250 words to each chapter 1,2,3, and 4.

Artist Update

I did work on art this week. Spent about 2 hours reading the art books I’ve bought and about 4 hours working on the practice art drawings. My art looks slightly better than the average 5 year old. I have a long way to go, but if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that practice with art is the only way I improve.

Game Programmer Update:

Not much. Out of the office all week, and no pc capable for running the software so, No programming this week. Again my brain needed the break, but the need to code is rearing it’s head, so this won’t last much longer.

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